Tips for the Traveller: Retractable Cable Lock

On my European Walkabout, my day pack was stolen while I was sitting in a cyber cafe in Barcelona.  If only I'd been using my cable lock!  I was pretty good about locking my bag to the tale while I was travelling, but that day I forgot.  In any even, a cable lock like the one pictured below (originally designed for locking skis and snowboards to a rack) provides a handy way to secure your personal belongings so that your personal items don't wander while you're sitting in a cafe/airport/train station/etc.  While it certainly won't stop somebody with tools and time, a lock like this provides a great deterrent against 'snatch-and-grab' thefts.  

Apparently, I'm not the only person who has discovered this use for this handy gadget.

2 thoughts on “Tips for the Traveller: Retractable Cable Lock

  1. The Bic-pen hack works on keyed bike locks, not on the combination-style lock that I’m talking about.

    The fingerprint reader on my new laptop doesn’t provide true two-factor authentication – I can either type in my password or use the fingerprint reader. Both are not required. I figure that most bad guys would probably find it easier to beat my password out of me than to take the time (and suffer the splatter) that would be required for the “Stumpy scenarion” :-)

    I have found it very convenient, though, especially when I want to log back in while the laptop is in tablet mode. Using a fingerprint reader also encourages users to do something that I was already doing anyway – using long and complex passwords.

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